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Discover public transport

Free trail offers

Free trial of public transport

If you commute by car but want to make a big change that will improve your health or help the environment, we're here to support you*. If everyone drove less and walked, cycled, or travelled by public transport instead, they could save money and massively improve their health. That's why we're offering you a free trial, with no further obligation, so that you can experience for yourself what it’s like to have a car-free day or week.

*‘Discover public transport is only open to employees of employers who are affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar.

Controlling the spread of coronavirus

The measures taken to combat coronavirus mean a whole range of activities have been cancelled. Although strict, these measures are understandable and necessary – they are being putting in place to protect everyone's health and safety.

Marjolein Gravendeel about travelling by public transport
Travelling by train is just like having your own chauffeur. It’s so relaxing!
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Karel Pisters on driving less
I prefer to travel by bicycle, public transport, or on foot – it's easier for me and better for my health and the environment
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Marie-Thérèse ten Wolde - Pleijers on the public transport
I sit all day. I’m glad when I can walk to the station.
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