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Discover the public transport terms and conditions of participation
Discover the public transport follow-up offer
  • During the follow-up offer you can continue travelling with the Goede Zaakpas and you can make arrangements with your employer during this time. We will also give you advice about our subscriptions. 

  • We only have arrangements with Arriva: you can take out a discounted season ticket with Arriva that offers discounts up to 40%. We do not have any agreements with other transport providers, but you can take out a subscription with them via their websites. 

  • During your participation period you will receive an e-mail containing a link to complete a questionnaire. While completing this questionnaire, you can indicate whether you agree to taking out the follow-up offer.

  • If you live in the Netherlands and used public transport for your commute during the trial period for more than 50% of your working days and you are seriously considering using public transport more often for this purpose, you will receive a follow-up offer from us.

Discover the public transport combined with P+R
Discover the public transport combined with a folding bicycle