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Discover the public transport + folding bike

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Discover public transport + folding bike

Commute by car? Try public transport instead! Under certain conditions, we’ll give you a public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart’) for a maximum of eight weeks that you can use for your commute. The pass allows you to travel second class on the train and bus throughout Limburg. To give you an eco-friendly, low-cost, and healthy way to cover those final kilometres, we'll lend you a folding bike for free up to four weeks during your trial period. You can reserve the folding bike by filling in the registration form. 

Discount and personal advice

After this period, you will receive personal advice for a subscription with a discount of up to 40%.

Who is this campaign open to?

This campaign is only open to employees of Maastricht Bereikbaar's partners and who now use their car for most of their commuting trips within Limburg. It must also be the first time you participate in one of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar's public transport trials. 

Still not sure? 

We understand that you can't just stop driving. Maybe you're unsure how useful it would be to cut back on driving. You may also think that travelling by public transport, bicycle, or e-bike will take up too much time. Or you may even be unconvinced of the potential health benefits of taking a different mode of transport to work. Every day that you use the car less and move more will directly contribute to improving your health. Whether you walk to and from the station or cycle between your home and your job: every move counts! And you get back the extra travelling time because you don't have to go to the gym as often. Our free trial offer helps you make a decision.

Sign up

You can easily sign up by filling in the registration form below. You can choose between two starting dates. First read the privacy policy and product terms and conditions (only in Dutch).

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